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Understand Effective Pain Relief

Many muscle pain patients are not aware of the importance of treating the hidden causes of pain which is the only effective way to achieve a long lasting relief, but rather try to suppress the symptoms. They tend to get a temporary relief by taking multiple cortisone shots, and tons of harsh pain killers. Through the past 13 years, our clinic has helped thousands of people to regain quality of life. Our unique pain treatment is proven to be an effective alternative therapy. By focusing on the underlying causes of pain symptoms, many clients reported significant relief after the first visit, and much longer lasting relief than other forms of therapy like physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Our Clinical Approach

effective pain relief naturally

At Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic, we recognize the secret to effectively alleviate pain is to combine numerous holistic therapies. We combine acupuncture, cupping massage, or shiatsu in one treatment session together with natural herbs (if necessary). This unique approach allows us to rectify the underlying hidden causes of pain and provide a much longer lasting relief.

Many common types of pain, such as frozen shoulder, knee pain, and sciatica, are caused by numerous musculoskeletal disorders. Inflammation, scar tissues, poor blood circulation, fibromyalgia and nutrition deficiency are typical conditions that cause pain in joints, ligaments and muscles.

For example, "frozen shoulder" is caused by a variety of inflammation that results in upper arm pain and limited range of motion. An effective treatment must eliminate the inflammation of synovial tissue and also thicken synovial fluid in order to rejuvenate the injured area for long lasting relief.

Acupuncture Benefits Inner System

Our approach to acupuncture is to insert thin disposable needles into the body at precise points (acupoints) to unblock the Qi that travel up and down the body in 14 meridians. Needling stimulations restore blood flow on the treated site. Toxins and scar tissues that built up around the injured area can be carried away by improved blood circulation. Furthermore, needles works deeper into the parasympathetic nervous system that stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. These natural chemicals calm areas of the brain that register pain and activate the parts involved in rest and recuperation.

Cupping Massage Promotes Blood Circulation

Cupping is a massage modality that finds its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. For thousands of years the Chinese have used therapeutic cupping for asthma, fever, congestion and chronic or acute pain. The practice uses glass cups to create a vacuum seal on areas of the body. The suction created by this seal mobilizes blood flow and help expel negative energies from the body.

The suctioning effect of the cups is meant to get blood and energy flowing in order to counteract any stagnation. As a result, cupping treatments help promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Shiatsu Benefits Musculoskeletal System

Our approach to shiatsu applies firm pressure to deep muscle tissues and lower layer ligaments in order to rejuvenate the musculoskeletal system. Similarly, acupoints are often nerve fiber branching points and muscle trigger points. When precisely massaged with the right level of pressure, shiatsu can effectively relax the muscle tension, increase blood flow in treated areas, and subside inflammation. The two approaches work hand in hand to maximize body's self-healing mechanism, brining the most benefits to pain patients.

Christine Fung

Christine Fung is a registered acupuncturist and registered traditional chinese medicine practitioner who's focus in Women's health and fertility. Her practice, Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic in Mississauga, provides holistic services to treat chronic pain, infertility, depression and other chronic diseases.