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Fibromyalgia pain 90% gone after first treatment

I have suffered from Fibromyalgia my whole life since infancy. It was not diagnosed until 2013. I have received 4 treatments so far. One treatment per week. After the first treatment, I noticed a significant reduction in pain. After the 2nd treatment, I would say that the pain was 90% gone. What I liked the best was the service. They take the time to understand all your symptoms to give you the best treatment. I would definitely recommend to all my friends and family. RK, Mississauga

Infertile for 2 years had 1 failed IUI

I have been struggling with fertility issues for the past 2 years. I had 1 failed IUI before coming to the acupuncture clinic receiving acupuncture treatments and in the hopes of helping with going through IVF. I had received acupuncture treatments for about 3 months together with taking Chinese herbs. In June, I found out I was expecting twins after going through IVF. Your clinic really helped me in achieving the goal of becoming parents for myself and my husband. Thank you to Annie for all of her help! Very professional and pleasant staff! I have already started recommending you to other people. KH, Mississauga

Conceived Naturally in 2 Months (Overcame PCOS and miscarriage)

I started acupuncture because I was having issues conceiving due to PCOS. My husband and I tried to conceive naturally for about 6 months and when that did not prove to be successful, we were referred to a great fertility clinic. After the first month of going to the clinic we conceived but sadly, that pregnancy ended after two weeks (on my birthday). We went to the clinic for a total of 7 months which involved almost daily visits, blood tests, ultrasounds and medication and I decided I needed a break - my body and mind needed a break. I did not want to give up, but I was disappointed almost every month that my cycle came. It just felt like too much, I felt like I was broken. In September 2013 I told my doctor that I was going to take a break from treatments at the clinic. I had heard lots of great things about acupuncture from a friend of mine who also had challenges with conceiving and was also undergoing treatments at an acupuncture clinic. I was ready to give my body a break from the heavy doses of medication and get rid of some of the stress that it was putting my body under. I was intrigued by the approach and looking for something that would not only help me to conceive, but also help to encourage overall health - head to toe. I came to the clinic at the end of September 2013 as a patient of Mary. She did a thorough history to really understand what my challenges were and explained how she can help me. She was always kind and encouraging, especially when I was not feeling so positive. She encouraged me to believe that this will happen for me one day and that all I really needed to do was be patient. I will say that besides getting my body ready to house a child, the sessions were very relaxing and I looked forward to them. My treatment regimen included acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I continued treatments until January 2014 when I discovered I was pregnant! I did not know for almost 8 weeks so it appears that it only took about 2 months of treatments to conceive. Mary was one of the first people I told because after all, she was a big reason for helping me to see this day. Needless to day that I have had a very positive experience and look forward to coming back to the clinic once I have the baby to continue to improve my overall health and wellness. JE, Mississauga

Conceived Naturally in 2 Months (Was Trying for 1 Year)

After trying to get pregnant for 1 year we decided to give acupuncture a try. Christine provided me with relaxing weekly treatments, along with changing my diet and recommending some Chinese herbs. After 2 months of treatment, we got pregnant. I strongly believe it was the acupuncture along with the herbs that helped to balance my hormones and provided me with nutrients I needed to conceive and help sustain the pregnancy. Thank you Christine for all of your support. NF, Oakville

Conceived After 2 Months (Was Monitored and Treated by a Fertility Clinic for Months With No Luck)

Words cannot express how thankful we are for all the support that Christine and Annie have given us while trying to conceive. After months of fertility monitoring, treatments, and stress, my husband and I decided to try acupuncture. Christine and Annie recommended that we do monthly treatments twice a week while taking Chinese herbs. Lo and behold, we got pregnant after 2 months of treatment. Not only did acupuncture and Chinese herbs help us conceive but it balanced our mind and body. We are truly grateful for our blessing and would like to thank Christine and Annie for supporting us, making us healthier and having faith in us. I am definitely coming back for the next one! CJ, Oakville

Tendonitis Pain Relieved After 3 Visits

I had been suffering from elbow tendonitis and upper back pain. I was surprised to see such quick results in only 3 visits. 100% recommend this clinic. J, Mississauga

Postpartum Recovery After C-Section

I originally came for fertility and fibroids last year. Then I got pregnant and had a baby. So, I came back to bring nutrients back into my body after pregnancy. I have had 6 treatments and definitely have seen improvements. My body is coming back to normal after having a C-Section. I would definitely recommend the treatments to others. NP, Milton

From Chronic Sciatica to Pain Free in 3 Sessions

I had the pleasure of seeking treatment at the clinic last week for a chronic piriformis sciatica issue I've had for the last 5 years. The day before, I had checked into my local ER for the pain and the loss of my ability to walk. I was administered Morphine to no avail. A co-worker suggested I try Acupuncture. So I found this clinic close to where I work, and decided that I had nothing to lose. A few hours after my first session of acupuncture, fire cupping and some herbal pain killers, I was able to notice a substantial reduction in pain by dinner time that night, and I was able to start putting weight on the injured leg. By my second session, I had almost no pain and was fully walking again. The acupuncture worked completely by my third session, and I am PAIN FREE! What would have taken weeks to fully recover from my sciatica, took days with acupuncture. I was impressed with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, and with Christine in getting to the root of this pain. I now know what triggers this, and she recommended some basic exercises to keep it all in check. I cannot recommend the Clinic highly enough! When modern medicine fails, TCM will prevail! Thanks Christine for helping me walk again! AZ, George Town

Hormones Balanced in 3 weeks

I have been having hard time to conceive. My eggs are not growing and I'm having irregular menstrual cycle. Before I turned to acupuncture, I have consulted my doctor at the fertility clinic and the doctor totally supported the treatment. I came to this clinic for acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help me regulate my period. In just 3 weeks, I've seen improvements already. My blood test shows that my hormones are more balanced. I also experienced less cramps. The uterus lining is not overly thick as before which is good in my situation. I highly recommend acupuncture and this clinic. IP, Mississauga

Sperm Count raised by 50%

We have been having issues conceiving due to low sperm count. I started my acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs slightly more than 1 month. My sperm count has raised by 50%. The therapist here also treated my allergies. I now have less allergic attacks. I recommend this clinic! PP, Mississauga

Insomnia reduced in 3 Treatments

I have visited this clinic 3 times for my insomnia and headaches due to stress. After 3 treatments, I am now sleeping better. I highly recommend this place as they are very professional. OT, Mississauga

Lower Back Pain Relieved Within 2 Weeks

I recommend this clinic as I see positive results in my lower back pain condition. My pain was relieved within 2 sessions. SC, Mississauga

Conceived in 2 months

It was such a surprise and blessing when we found out around Christmas that we were expecting. Me and my husband didn’t think it will be that quick. We’ve tried a few things like chiropractors but did not get any results. After two months of treatment we finally found out that we were pregnant. Christine suggested to do acupuncture and medicinal herbs. I would like to thank you for all of your support and the time you spent with me and my husband to making us not just stronger and healthier to conceive but also stronger and healthier in life. I really believe acupuncture works to help balance our yin and yang. I would truly recommend Christine to anyone as she is such a great support before and even after the treatment is over. JR, Mississauga

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

I came to the clinic with a blocked milk duct in my right breast. I have fibrocystic breast disease which means that I am very prone to cysts in my breasts. I also have an overall hormonal imbalance, stress and fatigue. I have only received 2 full treatments and I already see improvements in my breast with less pain and swelling. I could see a positive result after the first treatment when I came in with pain and tenderness and left with a pain free breast. I really appreciated how much time Dr. Anita initially took to fully understand my health concerns. She truly cared and put in a lot of effort to insure me that she will do her best to help. I highly recommend the clinic for their professional staff and pleasant environment. JD, Milton

Depression & Anxiety Disorder

Christine is knowledgable, easy to talk to, calm and sure of herself. A relaxing atmosphere that make me feel the same way by the time I leave the clinic. I feel good about my whole experience. OH, Mississauga

Emotional Eating

My experience has been both wonderful and transforming. After dealing with anger, depression, and emotional eating for 8 years. Christine has helped me tremendously in letting go my negative behavior. Christine's kind and friendly approach has helped me understand my body and heal it. I really can't thank her enough! A, Etobicoke

Full Term Pregnancy After 3 Miscarriages

I have had 3 miscarriages after my first child now he is 4 years old. At the time, my first child was 18months when I tried to get pregnant but I had miscarried within the 1st trimester. Then I tried again 6 months later the same resulted within the 1st trimester and a third time, the same. I ran tests with a gynecologist and rheumatologist for months and we found no solid issues. I figured I was unhealthy so I try to change my diet and started acupunture sessions with Christine to balance my hormones. My first session started in March 2011 and then followed by 10 more sessions. During those visits, I did conceive in June 2010 and was successful in carrying past 1st trimester. I was thrilled and then I did carried my 2nd child to full term and delivered a healthy baby boy on feb 2012. Christine was professional, positive and reassuring throughout all my acupunture sessions with her. After each session, I would feel great and energised and much healthier. She balanced my liver, spleen and kidneys and I felt less stressed. Christine also recommended supplements and herbs to balance my hormones and organs. I would definitely go back and do more acupunture sessions as I felt has worked wonders to balance my body thusfar during the past 2 years. R.G., Mississauga

Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

I was indeed in need of help for sciatica and lower back pain when I called Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic. Immediately Anita very capably came to my rescue. Anita is a highly-qualified individual who listens carefully to her clients and then addresses their needs specifically. She has a wonderful smile and is easy to talk to. I look forward to my treatments there, and thank you! JW, Mississauga

Weak Immune System

Have been a client of the clinic for almost six years - since early 2005, started with Dr. John Yu for overall immune system maintenance. Since going to the clinic, my sleep has improved, with occasional lapses. My leap, feel less tight and heavy. Energy has increased too. H. M. H., Mississauga

No Luck with Physiotherapy

For years I have complained about aches and pains. I tried physio but it never seemed to help. I finally tried Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic and have never felt better. I would and have recommended it to everyone I know. FG, Mississauga

Multiple fibroids and miscarriage

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 1.5 years. We've gone to a fertility clinic with some success, which ended in a miscarriage. I have 4 large fibroids along with multiple smaller ones. It was my husband who encouraged me to consider acupuncture after doing his research on it. We both booked an appointment with Christine who was very friendly and knowledgeable. She explained what was happening in our bodies and what approach she was going to take for our situation. With only 4 Acupuncture sessions which included taking daily doses of Chinese herbs, I found out that I'm pregnant! I would like to thank Christine for all her help and I highly recommend anyone to try Acupuncture.NP, Milton

Depression & Low Appetite

I have suffered from chronic depression and low appetite for many years. My mood elevated by the second visit! I will definitely recommend this clinic. They are friendly and professional.DS, Mississauga

Conceived Naturally

Yes, a great Christmas gift :) we were not expecting to have this news so quickly, but it's definitely wonderful and a complete blessing. Thank you for taking the time to write to me, and also... Thank you for your support and contributing to making me stronger and healthier to conceive. I believe acupuncture is amazing and definitely works to help balance our overall body functions and mindset. Thank you again for your congratulations to us, and all your support DM, Missisauga

Frozen Shoulder

Dramatic reduction in pain after one treatment of shiatsu and acupuncture combination. It's amazing that it got to the right places and the service here is amazing too. Very happy and will recommend this clinic. HG, Mississauga

Detox and Weight Loss

Overall, my experience is great. It helps me to relief a lot of my pain and I lost 9kg in 2 weeks. The products like the Detox kit was a great help. It helped me to feel better and lose weight! ASN, Milton

General Health Issues

I have been coming for treatments for many years. The service has been exceptional and I'm really happy to say that my ailments are much better. I would recommend this place to anyone - Excellent service. V. D., Mississauga

Acute Muscle Spasm and Pain

I have been receiving treatment for lower back and upper neck for years. I must say that John and Christine have helped me releive acute pain quickly. I highly recomend acupuncture/message if anyone is experiencing any discomfort. Today i am pain free!!!! Thanks John and Christine!!!!. P. , Mississauga

Back Pain

I have been going to this clinic for over 15 years, and my experience with John & Christine has been second to no other clinic. Recently I threw out my back and Christine in several treatments got me back in shape quickly. Guys over 40, if this happens to you at some point you know where to go. G. Forrest, Mississauga

Sport Injury

Good and effective service This clinic has been around neighborhood for many years and I haven't had a need to visit them until recently. Due to a sport injury, I have really sharp and deep shoulder pain. I thought pain killer would do it, but I was wrong. The pain didn't go away, and it was limiting how far I can raise my arm. I visited Dr. Christine at the acupuncture clinic. Only after 1 session of acupuncture treatment, I felt a great degree of relief. Dr. Christine recommended 5 sessions and I followed her advise on various muscle scratching skill. Now my shoulder pain is completely gone and I am very impressed by her professionalism as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. Y. , Toronto

Acute Back Pain

I had an acute upper back and neck strain when i was in office . I called up Dr. Christine and visited her that evening. She recommended acupuncture and massage and within one session i was feeling much better and could move my shoulder. I did go for 2 more sessions and now i am completely cured. Thanks Dr. Christine !! JD, Mississauga

Gained Back 100% Hearing in 1.5 Week

I suffered from inner ear problems such as sudden hearing loss of 70% and dizziness. I also have a tumour on the auditory nerve. I started to come to this clinic on July 17. Within 1.5 week, I gained back my hearing 100% and the size of the tumour was reduced according to my specialist. Christine is easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I recommend this clinic 100%! BS, Campbellville


I decided to visit Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic for my insomnia. After suffering with insomnia for many years and attempting many different therapies, I thought I would give acupuncture try. Being sceptical at first, I found Christine to be very knowledgeable and reassuring. She would alter treatment to ensure success. I am finally relieved and happy that I can now sleep without medication. I am hopeful that my nights will gradually become more restful. Thanks to Christine and the clinic! TH, Mississauga

Successful upon 1st IVF cycle

Having a medical condition, I had to go through IVF cycle to conceive, I went to Christine a few months before my first IVF cycle. She really listened and helped me work not only with the fertility issues but also my body heat and my stress level. She attended to me throughout the entire IVF cycle. Well, after the first attempt at IVF, I am thrilled to say that I have completed 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I truly believe that my acupuncture sessions as well as Christine’s support helped me to make this pregnancy a reality. I had issues with my uterine lining but Christine expertise helped me reach the required count for FET. Christine makes her patience very comfortable trying to find a way to help you feel better with fewer needles and is a good listener. Most importantly, she takes time out to follow up even after the treatment is over. Christine you provide a wonderful service and you are a great person to know! Thank you for everything, especially those late hours you put in to accommodate me in the evenings. Mary, Mississauga

Candida & Rosecea

I have been dealing with Candida for over 4 years. Seeing traditional healthcare providers only left me feeling more sick. I also saw a number of naturalpaths that initially helped me but in time the symptoms returned. Then i found your clinic through internet. I decided to take a chance ...what did i have to loose? After seeing Christine for just a face began to clear up. My rosecea, which is a symptom of candida, was almost imvisible. I could not belive that accupuncture could help my condition. It has aslo helped me deal with stress. My mood swings and anxiety has also diminished. I often joke with Christine and tell her she knows my symptoms before i even tell them to her. I am gratefull i found this clinic which has guided me to better health. For that i am gratefull. E.T., Mississauga

Sore Back

Sore back cured in 4 treatments. Great experience. I came in with very sore back. After 4 treatments, I was back to normal. Would definitely recommend shiatsu with acupuncture. RS, Brampton

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

Very professional practitioner. Comfortable, quiet setting. With 4 sessions, I have seen a great improvement and greatly recommend the service. SC, Mississauga

Stress and Poor Circulation

Very good practitioners, has helped me with my stress and circulation. Easy to talk to, always have very good suggestions for what ails you. I've been a patient for 20 years. J. , Mississauga